+dirtdutchesspinup said: Hey you and I have the same name ^.^ my bf is a Marine, and I see you are a Marine's wife! I saw Milsovlog reblog your photo and I saw the name so I just wanted to say hello! Have a great day! :)

Aww thanks for the hi! Hi back!! :-) don’t be a stranger! Have a good day!

+47oz said: I see you have a crystalcult vape pen. I want to buy one! How welldo they work? How long have you had yours? Do you change the coil often? Is it really worth the price? Are the ejuice good? Lol sorry If thats alot to answer. I want to know everything

Yes I do!! Your fine I don’t mind answering questions! :D I’ve had my vape pen for about 2 months now. You choose what pen you want and tank. I haven’t changed it yet. They usually last a while depending how much you use it. Yes it is worth the price if you love bling! The ejuice is good you can also juices from other places too. If there is anything else you want to know just ask! Have a great day! :-)

+flyingskeletalmeerkat said: Hiiiiii lovely

Hi! :-)

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Can’t wait to try this!!! 😁


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At work for a class I have to take. Annnnddd I decided to wear one of my husband’s t-shirts today well because I can 😁 

I love u baby and I miss u 😘💋 @goose2031!!!!

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2 months ago today I married my best friend. Happy anniversary baby!! Many more to come! I love u!! 😘❤️💋 @goose2031 

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My #faceq 😁 (at Queen’s Castle)

Check out my Instagram :D

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